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Artist :Alkaline Trio
Album :From Here To Infirmary
Title :

Steamer Trunk

That thunderstorm is still crashing in

Your cranium

Find that all these funny faces look the same

I know who's to blame

But i swore i wouldn't say

Its time that i got moving on

As you're still burning the dress you wore to

Senior prom - try to forget how you've been touched

I loved you so i told you

But it didn't matter much

And i'm trying to figure out

What you're all about these days

I don't have much to say to you

And i've been drunker than a skunk

Ever since the day i left you

With your darkest secret safely packed away

Up in my steamer trunk

Why i turned out the way i did

Someone somewhere dropped me on my cranium

I'm sorry can you repeat what you just said

My short term memory is gone

But my long term's far from dead

I've been swearing like a sailor

Ever since the day i left her

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