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Artist :Alkaline Trio
Album :From Here To Infirmary
Title :


Behind your back it goes

A little something like this is way to big to miss

I got a letter in the mail

The sender failed to let me know where

It came from

Opened it up and sure enough there we were

Arm in arm (up in arms) again

I know it's small but my last calls been called a half an hour ago

I know it's late but do you think you could at least fix it for me

Then i'll go i'll go alone i swear

I won't tell a soul

I'll drink this beer and write in fear of a song everybody hates

Armageddonlet the light in

Before we say goodbye give us something to believe in

Armageddonwe're not begging

For too much i don't think

Just need a goodbye kiss (one last salute)

Before we sink

We sink

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