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Artist :Allister
Album :Last Stop Suburbia
Title :

The One That Got Away

I was with a girl who tried to sleep with my best friend

We both took comfort in each others messy lives

Finding warmth on that cold November night

We swore it'd be years before we brought that on again

Days later you said that we should be more

than just friends

I let my guard down cause the feelings were so strong

But acted stupid and that's when he came along

It's been so long

I should just move on

There's other fish in the sea

But I keep hoping that you'll swim back home to me

We'd sneak out and go swimming late at night

You're one of few who can say they've seen me cry

You got my quirkiness and awkward sense of humor

We shared Simpson quote and started made up rumors

If night turned into day you'd hide me from your mom

I could never fight with you cause you were never wrong

This time especially the blame is all on me

If I'd not screwed things up I wonder where we'd be

One day for no reason I broke our date

So you made other plans that day

And that's when you met him

And why you're still with him today

I keep hoping you'll swim back home to me

I'm just glad I got a chance to know you

You'll forever be the one that got away

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