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Artist :Allister
Album :Last Stop Suburbia
Title :

Waiting For You

Then I'd tell you everything

I'd probably say that you've been on my mind

Since we held hands out in the rain

Smoking cigarettes to play

Off all the butterflies I had inside

And now I think that you should know

That you've got everything

That I've wanted for so damn long

And that I wouldn't hesitate to trade away everything

If you tell me that I'm not wrong

So know I think that you should know

That I've been waiting for you

Since we sat underneath the stars

as I held you in my arms

Killing just another summer night

It's funny how the best things happen sometimes

And how I'll always remember those endless nights

But don't forget I regret the fact that I have to leave you

Right as the best part starts

So I thought I'd take the time to say

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