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Artist :Best Interest
Album :It Starts Now [EP]
Title :

Falling Asleep

to face with the fact that your gone but the

memory remain.

They won't get me down theres someone

for me who will take your place and erase

that memory.

I thought I had it all when I looked into your eyes

I never thought I'd fall but i fell into your lies.

And now my sheets are soaked from tears of


Was it to good to be true or just something wrong

with me.

When i fell asleep you were on my mind.

I thanked god each night for making you mine.

Where would i be if i never met you.

You were living proof that dreams can come true.

Please stay forever that was my only wish.

When i fell asleep it was you that i missed.

When you're not around it killed me inside.

Holding you was so perfect this feeling can't die.

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