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Artist :Arrested Development
Album :3 Years 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of...
Title :


...but at the same timeyou knowevery man has this ideal image

of loving just 1

I'm checking you outyou're all alone

No one is clocking youbut I'm scoping you

Staring right thru youstaring into you

Your beauty is endless and I'm hoping to explore

Brothers may say you're ugly but I disagree

But in a way that's fine with me

'cause I want to travel with you

Travel in your mind 'cause you seem like a virgin

Free as the wind blowstall as a tree grows

Wild like natureyet calm as a field

Hair is naturallips are natural

Face wins first placeyou appeal to megirl

Let me ask you for some time

for you to unwind together et cetera

I have nothing but pure intentions

Everything we'll be will be natural


Natural (2x)

I'd like to hold your waist as we chase

The wind down the shores of a southern ocean

Rub my fingers thru your hair

Slowly rub and caress your forehead and bare

our problemsas we lay on the bed called Earth

Holding hands 'till we touch each and every finger

as the ocean water wets us both

in the center of the crossroads

Spiritual bonds are connected...what...an erection

Well...Let's drive to the city

and walk among the lights of the city streets

You're making me weak and it's scary

'cause you've played no games

All you've been is very natural

That's why I'm scared to fall in love with you


I wanna be natural (2x)

I wanna be sleeping in you

I wanna be inside you

I wanna be sleeping deep in you (2x)

I wanna be in you (2x)

Natural (2x)

Love your lips

Love the way you do the things you say


Your lips

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