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Artist :Arrested Development
Album :3 Years 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of...
Title :

Washed Away

Shore turns to seashore turns to ocean

Serpent creates the high tides

to assure all good is floating

Good and righteousness is not intellectual

and the fabric that's good cannot be proven

and so that fabric is washed away

far from the shore from which it was woven

The shore is a place where persons live

Sowing fabrics that's a tangent of the real one

not wearable to most of the persons on shore

In factit's only wearable to the person of one

one person under an oath

An oath to a serpentan evil snake

in search for being as powerful as God

and all God's good he'll try to take


[He'll try to take] (2x)

[Good being washed away]

[Love being washed away]

Most of the persons follow the serpent

coz the serpent preaches "all for self"

But why follow someone in search of something

when you'll get nothing. Serpent's all for self

Some are dumbsome know no better

Some believe there is no Lord

The serpent uses this knowledge to help him

and wash away more of the shore

Serpent knows once shores are gone

there's nothing left but ocean and sea

A few persons trying to save the shore

Some of those persons are A.D.

Saving the shores means saving the faith

The faith that there is a mighty someone

Someone much more mighty that created everyone

Up the ocean without a paddle

is the fabric of Godthe righteous clothing

And you wear non-righteous clothes of the serpent

Naively we keep on serving


[The ocean's owned by the serpent] (4x)

[We can stop being washed away] (6x)

Why we let them wash it away ?

Why are we allowing them to take what's good ?

why don't we teach our children what's good ?

Why don't we collect and save what is real ?

Look very hard and swim the ocean

We must find what needs to be found

Look all around and find a wise man

to feed us the truth and keep us sound

All of us must swim the seas

coz our path's been washed away

All of us must swim the seas

coz our path's been washed away

My only purpose is to swim the seas

Find the truth and spread it around

Give it to the children that know how to listen

so they can pass it after I drown

[We can stop being washed away] (6x)

[Sand grain by sand grainpebble by pebble]

[we can stop thiswe can stop]

[Can you help us ?]

[Will you help us ?]


[Help us stop being washed away]

[All of us must swim the sea]

[All of us]

[Hey !]

[Can you help us ? Will you help us ?]

[Oooh please help us ]

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