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Artist :Arrested Development
Album :Zingalamaduni
Title :

WMFW (We Must Fight & Win) FM

speaking directly to you

right down to Earth in a

language one can easily

understandWe gotta list of

hits coming at you this hour...this is WMFW fm.

This hour we got Bob Marleythe sounds of Miram Makeba

Muta-Burukawe got the life music group Gumbo coming atcha this hour

We got Public Enemy's brand new soundswe got Curtis Mayfieldwe also got

somethin' comin' atchaan old one from Isaac Hayesa brand new one from

Tracy ChapmanParis with a brand new album

Youssor N DourBlack UhuruLiving ColourVinxFoleyChaka Kahn

Follow 4 Now...Krs Onequeen LatifahJungle brothers

Stevie WonderGil Scott Heronthe Last Poetsand last but not leastand

featuring brand new sounds by Arrested Development...

Stay tuned and good morning!

 The Byrds - I Am A Pilgrim
 Clem Snide - Forgive Me Love
 Rush - The Anarchist
 Justin Bieber - One Love
 Rebecca Ferguson - Teach Me How To Be Loved
 Rahsaan Patterson - Crazy
 Chris Brown - Stuck on Stupid
 Slash - No More Heroes
 Rush - Caravan

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