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Artist :Arrested Development
Album :Zingalamaduni
Title :

Ache's For Acres

I got the feeling to stretch on ot

my children are cryin' my elders are dying

& me I'm relying on a check for rent

If I gotta be broke then ain't no joke

I'm moving to the country and buying some land.

and I'll be alright if I can rest at night

knowing my children got land to stand on.

Ache'n 4 acres plenty of acres

money spent in rent ain't earning me cent.

ain't getting no caddyno Benzno jeep.

until I got some $ for some land to keep

no more children crying instead they'll be running

running free and wild in the heat of the sun.

cuz once I'm gone I wanna feel strong

that my children will bo onfamily land and all sayin'

I got sme land to sand on no more ache'n 4 acres

no beggin for leftovers got some space of my own

I got grounds to raise on no more ache'n 4 acres

no more giving to takers got some land to leave on1

No more elders passin' without my kids askin'

papa who's tombstones are those in the yard

Family gotta stay close all of us gotta stay close

Ache'n 4 acres 4 buildin' a nation

Ain't about depending on government spendin'

especially when the governments got a lan of their


separate from me-separate from U

separate from most-in sync with a few.

Ache'n 4 acres plenty of acres

my grandpappa had em all but the lost em & he sold


the cities were a growin

and grandpa's getting older

little did he know that his land was valuable

Got land to stand on then U can stand up!

stand up for your rights as a womenas a man

man O' man my choices expand

Ain't got me no money but I got me some land.

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