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Artist :Arrested Development
Album :Zingalamaduni
Title :

Africa's Inside Me

Africa's boiling over flowing inside of me

I used to sport a curl mad by Jerry

A Jerry curl

but as time passed it didn't last

after my curl I never combined my doo.

I used t sport a cap but the naps kept sharing through


My sista got a brand new perm

my boys says she looks pretty fine body real firm

folks at her job loves new touch up

I can tell her white boss gets a kick when she's all done up

My sista loves her blackness

but the US says that her perm is her attractiveness.

But Africa keeps coming stronger we found out

it ain't a perm it's a temporary

Don't have cash to go to the music school

no money for the guitar or the violin or the tuba

my moms had a record player and the 45's

I put the needle on the record and I kicked it crazy live

scratching it up catching the breaks

spirits within me had me do what it takes

Grammy's I win & once again like my Egyptian kin

it's Africa within makin' something outta nothing!

Africa's inside me

taking back her child

she's giving me my pride

and setting me free.

What's that land across those waters?

what's that spirit makin' love to my daughter

telling her not to eat her mama's ham hocks

allowing her he choice to twist her hair & make it lock

o I don't like itI just don't it.

Papa may say but my soul is boilin

and sooner or later Africa's glory and toil

will teach an old dog new tricks.

Why and the world can't everybody

recognize that Africa's in everybody?

we all ask why can't we be sista's and brothers

but first we gotta accept who is our mother

Rather embracer of the jungle

or ghetto melanin dwells but could stop growth

and developments Arrested for nothing

Gumbo's within soulful H20 men be droppin'

Happenin's like Homosapians Hustlins

within' to exist as afro USA...men

residing in Fulani was once Christian.

Start fishin' like FOS and found origin!

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