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Artist :Arrested Development
Album :Zingalamaduni
Title :

Warm Sentiments

usedfeeling the blues misconstrued.

The bond the trust we once had

is not bad meaning goodbut bad meaning bad.

What ever happened to manhood?

I try to be a man but U ACT LIKE I'M A HOOD.

Getting an abortion like I anin't no damn good

like I can't raise a child the way a Nubian man should.


used feelin' the blues misconstrued.

Never would I have thought you do me like this

I know it's your body but it's our baby so why dismiss?

And it drives me crazy the way U played me

As if I was just riding U miss Daisy.

We made love not lusthad lovehad trust

the decision should have been made by the both of us

but U got an abortion.

Now you'rre havin some resentments.

We should have paired together

and shared together our

warm sentiments

Our warm sentiments

YesI could stop dweling o the bad.

Let it dropI wish U had..

let it dropI understand U have your choice

but I have to have my voice

Cuz portions of the babies features woulda had my features

we're all human creatures

It wasn't on cracknothing like that

It wasn't by rape so why the escape? Now..

Sista you've broken my trust

but before I let our relationship rust I'll bust

another soluitonbut take it for real

Cuz if your vonvicted this time there is no appeal.

Around my way there's a love for black

that's so damn deepthat it's cool to keep...

U and Hold U. After I scold YouI hope I can mold U

to share your truths wit me.

To tell U the turth. U mad a mistake.

I'll give ua breakI'll hold your hand & be Yo man

but understand

it takes 2 to make 1 and also to TAKE ONE.

yeah I knowU got an abortion

I'm distresseddepressed but I'm here for U

Maybe well get married then we'll be intimate

& from then on we'll share and bare our

warm sentiments

OOOH relax your mind

release unwind

don't be victim to the grind they put you through

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