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Artist :Anouk
Album :Graduated Fool
Title :


I haven't god a clueI'm living like a ghost

Can't seem to read the signs

I'm swimming in the sandI'm searching

I hold on to my reasonsI'll hold on to my dreams

It's all good and bad advice 'cause you have choose

One friend says (to) go aheadanother one says don't

I'm searching

Whatever I try I can't find it

Wherever I roam it's all gone

No you can't find itfirst you gotta to lose it

Looking for an angle to change my point of view

Waiting for somebodysomeone to relate to

Hoping for forgivenessliving for love

I'm searching

Yearning for a teacherto show us what to do

Learning from failureis all that I can do

Working on solutionsa fiction of truth

Keep on searching

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