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Artist :Anouk
Album :Graduated Fool
Title :

Bigger Side

it's good to know that you are doing fine

but I can't help but notice in a bar on Friday night

there is something you should tell me

but your driver waits outside


you're moving onyou're going to a bigger world

you're moving onyou're ready for the universe

it's meaningless to me

'cause you're not here to see

the bigger side of me

I swear I saw a tear roll down your face

bet there's a lot of smoke in bars these days

all I notice is the light that shines upon you from aside

getting jealous of the coffee in the cup you hold so tight


you're moving on to God knows where

send me a postcard when you're there

will I remember?

what will I say

"the weather is nice today" ?


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