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Artist :Anouk
Album :Urban Solitude
Title :


No hurryi'll be waiting for you my baby

Now don't you worry

I'll be fine

Just take your time

To make up your mind

Draw a line

Or flip a dime

Waiting for you

It's easy

If you want to please me

Don't tell me maybe

Come back home complete me

No strings attached

That's a promise i can't keep

So i waste my time

With lazy crazy dreaming

A sparkling wine

A twist of lime

A whisky sodahole in time

When you're not here

Don't say you're sorry

Don't say it


Don't say you're sorry

Drums: satindra kalpoe

Bass: michel van schie rhodes

Hammond: sven figee

Guitars: paul-jan bakker

Guitars: roland dirkse

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