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Artist :Big Drill Car
Album :Batch
Title :

Restless Habs

The restless habs will snap you from your own indifference

Restless habs (x4) Restless

On a cold and lonely street she said to the innocent bystander

What's that you said? Don't lose your headyou'll spill all the aner (you'll smell all it and her)

Restless habs (x4) Restless

Nobody knows that some soul has to breakdown

It's all a waiting game

Everyday it starts the same

You wake up to the sirens and smell the fruit you can't resist

And then you feel the fist

Just another thing you must cut out

You see that classic dog?

In summers you take a walk

They're everywhere this time of night

In this here neck of the woods you'll always find the goods

And goods are what you came here for

Restless habs (x3) Restless

Take a chance to guess who is fastest

And take a peek to pin it on the bastards

And take the best you can't stand

You're leaving the rest

And ya left ya know

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