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Artist :Big Drill Car
Album :No Worse For The Wear
Title :


A good morning to you

I must have missed you come in last night

Reeking everything but glue

What's it to you there babe

My little fuck machine

Rottin Johnny down the block told me how you stay so lean

Nogainabitchqueenscenester (x2)

It's a different world babe

But the same old scene

All the bitches blur up ordering

All trying to look so mean

I'm sure I didn't ask you

So keep it to yourself

A firecracker dressed in high heels

Knowing how to hide the wealth

Into your world babe

I carve my niche

And everything that you control

And everything done in a pinch

In case you're lost babeI brought a map

You know you look retarded

Every turned head coming in slapped

Maybe changing your guy could

Could be your misguided lie

Perhaps a combo of all these things

Speaking to you eye to eye

Don't want to point any fingers

The cat is out of the bag

Remember how you seemed so embarrassed ??

Everything's starting to sag

Nogainabitchqueenscenester (x2)

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