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Artist :Big Drill Car
Album :No Worse For The Wear
Title :

Yer Holdin

He said I did the best I can

And now will he live to see tomorrow?

And he stays up all night

But still he dreams in time

Will we have to face him or just borrow

I use to know it all

When leavin alcohol

And give him anything and he would try it

What's in your hand yer holdin?

You just keep foldin and foldin

What's in your hand yer holdin?

That yer holdin

And now it seems to me

A large does of reality

Or maybe someone to confide in

And most of the passers by

Avoid my brown eye

Well they haven't been or seen where I have been

And I use to know the boy

And now he don't seem so coy

Don't speak or even try to fight it

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