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Artist :Big Drill Car
Album :No Worse For The Wear
Title :


No time to get things done but too much time to think

And baby it scares me right half to death

Cause when I'm at my worst you always seem the best

So stop before you go so much left to know

To speak your mind is what you need

Shouldn't take too long from what I've seen

And history's shown us great men makin greater mistakes

God knows I've made my share but yours bout take the cake

And maybe it's something that we both had to do

No where to go but down time to start on something new

So stop before you go

Please rescue meI'm under water I can't breathe

When my hand comes up for the last time fill my cup

I'm lost and I'm foundyou're the one that leads me around

If you're in love with the sound let it love on your hye

This ain't black this ain't white and somehow it don't seem right

Drag me through the mess you madeI'm sleeping well in the beds you made

And the one that you like bestwas just like all the rest

And that old thing will never fly

That's okay because we're already hye

We are hyeyeah we are hye

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