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Artist :Blaine Larsen
Album :Off To Join The World
Title :

Off To Join the World (The Circus Song)

I remember just like yesterday

Of a footloose young lad who ran off with the circus

Much to his mama's dismay

He was cleaning up after the elephants when

This high-flying trapeze girl smiled down

In search of a handsome companion because

She had just broken up with a clown

Now the with one graceful aerial flip he was smitten

With her and her little tutu

Standing there love struckwhy he almost stumbled

Into the elephants doing their tricks

And the ringmaster tipped his top hat and said

Sonbid adieu to your heart

And his words rang true right there under the bleachers

Soon after that big top went dark

Nowthe old bearded ladyshe whispered “be careful”

On the train to the very next town

And the handful of midgets who ride unicycles

Peddled by with one smile and four frowns

So he had a vague sense of uneasiness when

His new sweetheart opened the door

And he knew when he saw the clown standing behind her

In front of herthere stood one more

NowI can't say for sure if it was Barnum or Bailey

To whom I handed the note

But a tall skinny feller standing on stilts

First read these words that I wrote

It said I promise to never again give my heart

To some high-flying trapeze girl

Goodbye cruel circus

I'm off to join the world

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