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Artist :Beck
Album :Midnite Vultures
Title :

Milk & Honey

You're about to make a fool of yourself

In the aluminum sunset

Drinking from a drain

I'm a hundred miles behind myself

Milk and honey

Pouring down like money

Make a poor boy wanna run

Milk and honey

Do you wanna love me

Under the aluminum sun

Did you hear those war torn stories

Where the lifeguards slept in the streets

In the jungle lands

With the cold cola cans

You'll get the keys to the city for free

Milk and honey

Pouring down like money

Bring a poor boy to his knees

Milk and honey

No it isn't funny

Living in a garden of sleaze

Bangkok athletes in the biosphere

Arkansas wet dreams

We all disappear

Kremlin mistress

Rings the buddah chimes

She slips me ruffies

Receding hairlines

She's all right...touching my body

She's all right...on my computer

She's all right...selling me watches

She's all right...ring on my finger

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