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Artist :Anberlin
Album :Blueprints For The Black Market
Title :

The Undeveloped Story

Looking back to darker days getting me down

And if this is chaos

I think that I'm in love with clamor

Tides are turning

never understood my undeveloped story

But it makes sense to meyou make sense to me

When it all falls downI'll still be right here

When it all falls downwe'll still be right here

Once in a lifetimeI could feel this way

Once in a lifetimeyou could feel it too

Cancel your black subscription

I'm nowhere near a cigarette

And I'm cut clear as you wander

Past this lonely street and wonder

Dance all nightdance all night

The kids are all hereand we're downtown

We're past the morning glory

It's ten past two

and I'm still working on forty

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