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Artist :Anberlin
Album :Blueprints For The Black Market
Title :

We Dreamt In Heist

Keep your lips closed

And don't you ever give away our underground location

This is a black tie affair

Don't ever close your mouth

and we'll stay here until someone falls in their own snare

I had this planned all alongand I brought you here for this

So tie your mask on and pretend that nothing's wrong

And I'll try to stay awake as long as I can

And I'll try to stay here with you

This is a black market reformationhow does it feel

to be under the gun

Last ones to laugh pull the trigger here on the run

You can hide the moneyI'll mark an X

I am above the law and you're the orderyou make

everything make sense

And I know Mexico is south of herebeautiful this time of year

So let's jump the border when the coast is clear

Salvation waits at ocean shorewe won't have to lie no more

Don't you worry baby I'll be right here

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