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Artist :Angel ChiX
Album :The Rules
Title :


ĎBout the thing thatís on tonight

IIím gonna have a real good time

I gotta warn yougotta warn you

You will be in for a fright

Iím gonna prove to everyone that Iím not quite so nice

Got a feelinggotta loosen my body

Got a feelinggonna shake up the party

Got a feelinggotta pump up the music

Got a feelingitís explosive

Everybodyís looking at me

Watching me so carefully

Surprised by my every move

And you will be toosoon

Iím kicking my feet in the air

Iím moving round flicking my hair

Iím swinging my hips side to side

Let me take you on this ride


Now Iím showing my colours

I am moving on the dance floor

I make everything shudder

Slow it down and give me some more


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