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Artist :Anti-Flag
Album :Die For Your Government
Title :

No More Dead

a billionaire chatting with his friends, they've gotta stop to laugh =
"we've really got those suckers fooled, we've got 'em trained like =
rats!" the riches plot, control your mind, to make you blame yourself =
"the rich are rich because they're smarter than me..." you're taught =
this is right, that it's your fault kill, kill, kill! they throw a war =
like a party saying, "it's for a moral cause..." telling you if you're a =
patriot that, "you better do what you're told!" you burn a flag, you're =
gonna hang, brainwashed nationalism makes you a tool they're getting =
rich by selling weapons to both countries, you never think to question =
what you're told! kill, kill, kill! they're gonna give you nothing they =
want to take away the little they call something you know you're being =
used, but still you play along. if you're not complacent, you're doing =
something wrong. one day they'll push too far that marks the beginning =
of their end. we'll bring them crashing down 'til they're all dead, =
they're all dead! the time is growing near... put the trigger to the =
man... ok, kill 'em!

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