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Artist :Anti-Flag
Album :Underground Network
Title :

The Panama Deception

Their 2+2 doesn't equal 4
Their 2+2 equals whatever
they wants us to die for

ABOUT FACE! snap to attention
FORM YOUR OWN CONclusion to things you see
ABOUT FACE! sometimes the explanations
DON'T ADD up to the facts

Time and again they manufacture a cause
And rally the public around it, Check out the movie "Wag The Dog"
Killing To further the interest of private corporations
Killing To control global economic situations
Killing For personal gain (i.e. Bush in Panama)
Learn the fuckin' TRUTH you won't be so quick to sign on!


Our lives reflect TV sitcoms and tragedies Like a bad joke,
I ask, "How many of you don't see...?
And just how many... How many of you swallow the lies...?
How many of you do not realize...?"

Gung ho and true to the stars and stripes
They fuckin brainwashed you, to do their bidding...
And like a flock of sheep, with wool over your eyes
You never stop to question, you just fall into the line

The media's a business, that provides entertainment
Heir bottom line: Money, And stories that will make it...
So they run with stories, that promotes the lies
To keep the ratings coming, wealth from promoting world strife

Life must be so easy, when you don't have to think
Black and white like printing, from the newspaper's ink
I wish I had the chance, to reveal the lies
But you're so fucking brainwashed, would it even help to try...

To get through, through, through, through, through, through...
To get through to you!

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