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Artist :Bloc Party
Album :Silent Alarm
Title :

She's Hearing Voices

She's hearing voices warn her

She just can't sleep in her bed

She just can't sleep

She's falling down the stairs

She's tearing out her hair

She's screaming my namein the night

To keep her warm

She got a red pill blue pill

Red pill blue pill

Red pill blue pill

Red pill blue pill

Milk of amnesia

She's scared of the blacks

And she's scared of the Jews

She is walking around

She is yesterday's news

And she screams out my name

In the dead of the night

She is leaving my room

She is crying on her side

Walking on eggshells

Walking on glass

Burnt by the mirror

Burnt by the light

Feeling rejection I'll burn down your house

Tearing down posters

I was never alive

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