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Artist :Amanda Ghost
Album :Ghost Stories
Title :


I can feel it rushing in my veins

I don't like it

I don't hide it

See it in my face

But i don't want to wait

For i have lost my faith


Why can't i find myself an idol?

Somebody that i can look up to

Be big enough to hold me close in their arms

And never let me down

And all these stupid conversations

That always seem to lead to nowhere

Thery're going 'round and 'round and round in my head

And they'll be back again.

They're coming back again

It's not fair how

I still care now

We were always alone.

Honesty and modesty

Will never find my home

But i will never say

When i have lost my way

(repeat chorus)

You take it

You take it

And throw it away

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