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Artist :Anthony Callea
Album :Anthony Callea
Title :

Hurts So Bad

Night after night i think so you

A little mysterious

You're hot like the sun but you're cool like the moon

It would be easier

If i could only read your mind

Not knowing is killing me

Are you trying to be cruel coz i'm dying inside


Do you know what you're doing when you walk like that

Do you mean what you're saying when you talk like that

Did you steal my heart because you knew you could

How could something feel so good

When it hurts so bad

Are you insatiable

How many hearts are on your list

When will you let me know

Am i touching your soul when i'm kissing your lips

Do you believe in love

Or are you making other plans

You're making it hard for me

I know what i'm feeling but i don't understand


What can i do to make you understand

You've got to know you're my one and only

You're all that i needbaby all that i have

How can it hurt so bad


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