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Artist :Beanie Sigel
Album :The B. Coming
Title :

Don't Stop

Ma! I think it's safe to say

You ain't seen a playa lay this way

Or playa game this way

Wit a attitudelike - and ya don't stop

Aficionadoso fashionable

Wit a confident swaggerinternational

Game so tight the girls had to go

And you don't stop!

[Verse - Beanie Sigel]

Hah! sicka than your average

Money too long can't stash it

In the closet or the mattress

Paperstretch like elastic

Checks from advancesthe bank can't cash it

So the price for thatnever ask it

Just sign my name or pop plastic

Hating ass cops wanna harrass em

Searching for a glock in the pocket of his fashion

Bitches wit SP stitches on they asses

And they left breast (yes!)

Let's get dressed and toast to the occasion

Cops couldn't page emflow so amazinghot like cajun

You fucking wit the champ

Pop corks on champ' like I just took the chip

Nigga took the stand when he coulda took the 5th

Yeah eat a dick wit AIDs on the tipkeep my name off ya lips

Not guilty!


[Verse - Beanie Sigel]

I said I'm sicka than your average

Keep three shooters like the Mavericks

Short to the point like Nash isfucking wit a savage

Niggaz press they luckget bucked like ashes

Three piece suitslinen fabrics

Three quarter crocsharper than a pastor

B Sig bring the light to the masses

Of these rap bastardswho gives street passes

One shooting can lead to three caskets

Jump suitsstate bootsat least three stabbings

You softer than a Reebok Classic

Folding under pressure when confronted by them badges

I was taught stay low and keep blasting

Po only know questions that was answered

Keep a number on the high price lawyer

It's five ways now dayseverybody saw ya


[Bridge - repeat 2x]

[SD] Now let's toast to the manthat when he get out

That he gon do them thangs that he rap about

A true playa Pha-real [Pharrell]

[BS] Haters stay out my face

And know that thing still by my waist

[Verse - Beanie Sigel]

Once again I'm sicker then 'em all

Niggaz see C's start shitting in they drawers

When I kick in the doorstop the blood clot crying

Wipe the piss off the floor

The ape is backmy gate is cracked

My jumpsuit and my cuffs is off

Yeah I'm back on them bricks

Raise your cups and raise your glass

And let's toast to the boy B Mackyeah I'm back in the mix!


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