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Artist :Andrew Lloyd Webber
Album :The Phantom of The Opera
Title :

The Mirror (Angel of Music)

A tour de force! No other way to describe it!
What a relief! Not a single refund!

RichardI think we've made quite a discovery in Miss Daae!
Here we areMonsieur le Vicomte.
Gentlemenif you wouldn't mind. This is one visit I should prefer to
As you wishmonsieur.

They appear to have met before ...
Christine Daaewhere is your scarf?

You can't have lose it. After all the trouble I took. I was just
and soaked to the skin ...
Because you had run into the sea to fetch my scarf. OhRaoulSo it is
'Little Lotte let her mind wander ...'
You remember thattoo ...
'... Little Lotte thought: Am I fonder of dools ...'
'... or of goblins
of shoes ...'
'... or of riddles
of frocks ...'
Those picnics in the attic ...

'... or of chocolates ...'
Father playing the violin ...
As we read to each other dark stories of the North ...
'No - what I love bestLotte said
is when I'm asleep in my bed
and the Angel of Music sings songs in my
'... The Angel of Music sings songs in my
Father said'When I'm in heavenchildI will send the Angel of Music
you'. Wellfather is dead
Raouland I have been visited by the Angel of Music.
No doubt of it - And now we'll go to supper!
NoRaoulthe Angel of Music is very strict.
I shan't keep you up late!
NoRaoul ...
You must change. I must get my hat. Two minutes - Little Lotte.

Insolent boy!
This slave
of fashion
basking in your

Ignorant fool!
This brave
young suitor
sharing in my

Angel! I hear you!
Speak -
I listen ...
stay by my side
guide me!

Angelmy soul was
weak -
forgive me ...
enter at last

Flattering child
you shall know me
see why in shadow
I hide!

Look at your face
in the mirror -
I am there

Angel of Music!
and guardian!
Grant to me your

Angel of Music!
no longer!
Come to mestrange
Angel ...
I am your Angel ...
Come to me: Angel of Music ...

Whose is that voice ...?
Who is that in there ...?

I am your Angel of Music ...
Come to me: Angel of Music ...
Christine! Angel!

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