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Artist :Blood BrothersThe
Album :Burn Piano IslandBurn
Title :

USA Nails

[Fingers:] 1-900-USA-NAILS

[Prisoner:] "operator I love you.

OperatorI would never leave you...

Operator I love to see your face pressed up against the glass.

I need to hear the way your tongue tastes in my ear..."

[Operator:] "Put the receiver to your chest

and let me know who loves you best."

[Prisoner:] "The county sheriff said that my baby is dead.

They found him in some trash canblue all clenched and chewed.

Don't judge meI'm not his real mother

I couldn't even recognize his facehis tears of wax

his skin like a subway running over spinal tracks.

Operator can I confide you?

They haven't got an ounce of proof!

Those pigs locked me up to see what color i'd rot into!

(It wasn't me it was my false tiger limbs..

It wasn't me it was the garbage gryphon!)

When i walk i wald alone (operator come on!)

when I watch you through the phone (operator come on)

and depupil these lonely eyes

the love scenes grafted to the sky are making me cry...

1-900-USA-NAILS (oh baby)

I get one phone call a day from Molson County jail...

[Operator:] 1-900-USA-NAILS.

98 cents per minute cash or creditcheck or debit...

[noticeable pause]

[Prisoner:] Operator-rator wont you tell me again!

Operator-rator yeah you're my only friend!

[Operator:] "Do you remember that night in the back of daddy's car...

strumming the chords of your pubic guitar...

the way you tasted like a movie star...

the way the windsheild reflected the sunrise

the way the light tattooed your thighs...

You're the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world...

your time is uptill next time! We'll send you a bill."

[Prisoner:] Listen....

can you hear the buildings crumbling in slow motion?

Blow me up like a baloon we'll float over the ocean!

Listen...can you hear them taking me away

don't tell the fucking guards what i've said.

Can you see the angels stringing wires through my face?

[Operator:] Meet me next weeksame timesame place.

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