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Artist :Def Leppard
Album :Rock of Ages : The Definitive Collection
Title :

Miss You in a Heartbeat


I believe
That there's something deep inside
That shouldn't be
>From time to time

I sure found out
Thought love was such a crime
The more you care
The more you fall

No need to worry
No need to turn away
'Cos it don't matter

OohI'd miss you in a heartbeat
BabyI'd miss you right away
OohI'd miss you in a heartbeat
'Cos it ain't love
if it don't feel that way

When we touch
I just lose my self-control
I sense sensation
I can't hide

To love is easy
It ain't easy to walk away
I keep the faith
And there's a reason why

(repeat BRIDGE)

(repeat CHORUS)

Ain't big on promises
But I'll be true to you
'Cos I'd do 'bout anything
For someone like
Baby for you

(repeat CHORUS till fade)


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