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Artist :Def Leppard
Album :Rock of Ages : The Definitive Collection
Title :

Billy's Got a Gun


Billy's got a gunhe's on the run
Confusion in his mindthe blind leads the
OhBilly's got a gunhe's gonna shoot you
He's got evil in his eyesgotta reason to
There's danger in the air

Can't you feel it in the air?
Danger (such a strange emotion)
Can't you feel it in the air?

Ohhe was locked inside a roomwithout a
His innocencehe suffered for
In a world of black and whitethey were
wrong and he was right
Just looking for a clueit's a nightmare come
Searching undergroundto track that danger
OhBillywhy you got that gun?

Never give him an even break
Gettin' caught is the chance you take
It could be your last mistake
(You could be so helpless)
As a bird with a broken wing
Like a sheep in a lion's den
Gonna fall but you won't know when

You hear footsteps in the nightsee shadows
on the wall
And the ghastly sound of silenceas the mist
begins to fall
Then a scream rang out like thunderbut the
lightning was too late

As the rain came down on the crimson ground
It was the hidden hand of fate
And a crowd of people gathered roundbut
Billy couldn't wait

Paul J. Mitchell Carnegie Mellon University
pm3z@andrew.cmu.edu PittsburghPennsylvania

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