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Artist :Blindside
Album :The Great Depression
Title :

Ask Me Now

And so one morning just before dawn you came
Out of the forest towards my window
With a smile in your hand
As the moist air up to your knees started swirling like smoke
I saw your lips move
Asking: did you lose something?
I stood glued to the window

Emotions running through my vein
Now i know a word i can't explain

I think i've known you all along
Just lost your face in the crowd for awhile
I think i have been holding my breath all my life
Can i exhale and go into exile
So ask me now and i'll run away with you

And so one morning just before dawn you came
Did you lose something?
And so with the dawn you've come
Eye to eye with nothing in between but this fragile glass
Your lips move again
I try but i can't detect the vibrations in the air
How i've still early and i see your words getting caught
In the window slowly turning into frost

I see your hand move and i cant detain
Scraping down a word i cant explain

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