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Artist :Anthony Hamilton
Album :Soulife
Title :

Georgie Parker

[Verse 1]
Their used to be a little old boy
Riding round their home from school yea
****Kinda frail didnt think much of himselfnoo
He used to see the petty
His mothers drunken boyfriend
Hanging out by the corner store
Their was a very old lady
That used to call him baby
And in his mind this is what he heard

Georgie Parkerget away
Georgie Parkercome with me
Georgie Parkerfree your mind
Georgie Parkerlet yourself be
Georgie Parkercome with me
Georgie Parkeroooh
Georgie ParkerGeorge

[Verse 2]
Trying to be his only friend
He wasnt cool with the strangers then
He turned his head and walked away
As he turned around and started to cry
Stuck in the lions den
To scared to let help in
He had to make a sacerfice
He tried to cope with it
And couldnt find the strength
Can anybody tell me what Georgie did


They'll be a better place for u and me
Free your mind
Get awayfollow me
Follow me to a place
Free your mind lets go toto a place
Where u can be freeoh Georgie
Free your mindlet yourself go the rest will follow

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