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Artist :Augustana
Album :All The Stars And Boulevards
Title :


Come fly downlike a singing bird
Sings your nameI am still the same
Black and whiteno you're not to blame
Holly sweet...put me down to shame...

Lights in the car in the park
I'm falling on my face I know who we are...
and I ain't looking down for the rest of the night
a bullet in my head ended late last night...

Jack and cokeplease take off your coat
come and smileplease stay here a while
come and danceshuffle with a glance
when you're gonebring in for the dawn...

she's shaking in the car with the gun in her hands
falling over love and a sweet romance
and I ain't never thought it could come down to this
a bullet in my headwith the sweetest kiss...it's in my head

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