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Artist :Augustana
Album :All The Stars And Boulevards
Title :

Lonely People

I swear I never watched you sleeping
well honeyI'm an honest man
I guess it always gets me drinkingshe makes me sad...

sweetsweet and coldclean up the mess and sleep the day away
when you callI might be hereI might be gone...
but here at the sound of the bells you cryyou've lost your mind

but deardon't be sadit's just a dream you dreamt you had...
But I ain't seen you look so good...
so honey

I guess italways gets me drinkingwell hollyshe makes me sad...
forgive me if I look so lonelyit's not that bad...
sometimes it's just the sound of the TV that gets me always
wondering why
sometimes it's just a conversationthat makes me cry...

heywell I knowCalifornia might be warm this time of year
I should goturn the engine and the radio...
it's coldalways coldthis hotel room won't let me sleep
timeit's alrightI guess I'll just stay up all night

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