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Artist :Bette Midler
Album :For The Boys
Title :

BabyIt's Cold Outside

[Bette:] I really can't stay
[James:] But babyit's cold outside.
[B:] I got to go 'way.
[J:] But babyit's cold outside.
[B:] This evening has been
[J:] Been hopin' that you'd drop in.
[B:] so very nice.
[J:] I'll hold your handsthey're just like ice.
[B:] My mother will start to worry.
[J:] Beautifulwhat's your hurry?
[B:] My father will be pacing the floor.
[J:] Listen to that fireplace roar.
[B:] So really I'd better scurry.
[J:] Beautifulplease don't hurry.
[B:] Wellmaybe just a half a drink more.
[J:] Put some records on while I pour.
[B:] You know the neighbors might think.
[J:] But babyit's bad out there.
[B:] Erwhat's in this drink?
[J:] No cabs to be had out there.
[B:] I wish I knew how
[J:] Your eyes are like starlight now.
[B:] to break this spell.
[J:] I'll take your hatyour hair looks swell.
[B:] I ought to say nonono sir.
[J:] Mind if I move in closer?
[B:] At least I'm gonna say that I tried.
[J:] What's the sense in hurtin' my pride?
[B:] I really can't stay
[J:] Babydon't hold out.
[B:] ahbut it's cold outside.
[J:] Babyit's cold outside.
[B:] Ahbut it's cold outside.
[J:] Babyit's cold outside.

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