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Artist :Bette Midler
Album :Divine Madness
Title :

Fire Down Below

Here comes The Roselooking mighty fine.
Here comes ol' Nancywalking right in time.
Here comes the stripperbringing on the night.
Here come the boysfaces hidden from the light.

Walk through the shadows.
Wellthey come and they go.
Only one thing on their mind:
fire down below.

Whoahere come the rich man in his biglong limousine.
Here come the poor manall you got to have is green.
Here come the bankerlawyer and the cop.
One thing's for certainit's never gonna stop.

When it all gets too heavy
they come and they go. There they go.
One thing on their mi-mi-mi-mind:
fire down below.

Whoathere they go.
One thing on their mi-mi-mi-mi-mind:
fire down below.

It happens out in VegasMoline
on the blue-blood streets of Boston
in Berkleyout in Queens.
Went on yesterdayit's going on tonight.
Somewhere there's somebody
treatin' somebody right.

I'm lookin' at The Rose.
I'm lookin' mighty fine.
I walk the streets
I'll find you any time.
Where the street lights flicker
bringing on the night
I'll be slipping into darkness;
Slippin' out of sight.

Ohthrough the midnight
I come! I go!
Only one thing on my my mind:
fire down below.
One thing on my my my mind:
fire down below.
One thing on my my mind:
fire down below.

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