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Artist :Bell X1
Album :Flock
Title :


She had mixed me
With someone she once seen
Projected on her screen
Now I'm blue tacked above her feet
So go lightly don't wake her
Let her dream

Reflecting off the roof
The whole worldit shimmers for you
On a tree lined road
My body took leave of my soul
'Hold on tight oblivion' she screams
She's so strong when she's
Digging into me

My head almost broke my heart
Perfection takes me years
To unravel and maul apart
The Trampoline is getting torn
Landing hard and taking off
What now must I use
To get us both airborne

I press green to play
But the dial tone encores for me
I try to dodge the cracks
So not to hex it or paint it black
I'm starting feel tremor of faith
But never before on this scale

You and I
Always had someone to talk us down
You and I
Learned how to live without solid ground
You and I
Jump up and down on
These straining ties
That were guaranteed to bind

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