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Artist :Ben Harper
Album :Both Sides of The Gun
Title :

Engraved Invitation

Written by: Ben Harper

i wish i was a thought
i'd run all through your mind
and come out being everything
you ever tried to find

life's the longest picture
you're ever gonna take
love's the longest promise
that you're ever gonna break

i wish i could yell sorry
louder than i screamed
all of those other things
i said but didn't mean

some days i'm the lord's servant
some days i'm satan's pawn
some days i just wish
the voices in my head were gone

the sun's a moon that warms you
the moon's a sun with no heat
the sky above is to remind you
what's under your feet

this life's not big enough
to fit our love inside
'cause i remember you from heaven
the last time i died

it's an engraved invitation
to leave all this time we've been wasting

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