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Artist :Atreyu
Album :Deathgrip on Yesterday
Title :

Our Sick Story (Thus Far)

When we danced so preceded
Laid deep in simples deep in hate i see your face
I see your face and it tears me tears me up
My mouth is full of love my head is held in shame

When you kiss me
Do you still taste or
Are you thinking of are you thinking of me
With your lips pressed tightly up against his skin
Does your body still scream my name x2

Hold your breath to keep in
Trapped with secrets
Til you die to come through with guilt
So your blood is filled
When I see the blood worth coming
Would I check out the blood
Even if I was dead
You would never be on the fucking top


Can you take it while i fake it x2


Cross your heartfalse your heart x2


Cross your heartfalse your heart x2

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