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Artist :Atreyu
Album :Deathgrip on Yesterday
Title :

Untitled Finale

You put a bullet in my head
Turned black thoughts to red
This could all end in tragedy

I dream of you dead laid you dead to rest
I wont look back in for memory

But don't rush us out like I sold you
Are you a killer and I think I know its you
I was deep in that night I know its taking this
So hurry up to figure you out to insult'
Your glass kept from falling down
One time from your good times
I'm not interested in working this out


And that's what you are
I said blasterd fucking mess
Fuck off to be without you
Die in use to burn just bury
Any part because the walk on my hand
Not even not even kick you when your down
Though you wanted something because you
Are living the lonely star
But this is the part where I say goodbye!
(and let the scent of time)
Pull over us say goodbye!
And let the scent of time pull over us

You never had to crawl
You never had to say what it feels like
To be so trapped underneath
The weight of someone's world comes crashing down on me
I was longing to be free iv left a burden in you and me

This is my farwell to you and i
This will all end in tragedy x4

(oooh this will all end in tragedy)x4

(this will all end in tragedy)x4

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