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Artist :Alexisonfire
Album :Crisis
Title :

Mailbox Arson

(Your mail's not safe in this town)

I strike a red bird on your face
and pour the kerosene in your mouth
I watch the match fall down your throat
I burn all your precious bowels
I watch the smoke pour from every crack
And breathe in your secret lives
All your billspayand welfare cheques
But I don't think I can stay for long
There's lots more mail that's not yet ash

(Your mail's not safe in this town)

I watch the smoke start to rise
One hundred homes
One hundred fires
Everything you own now burns away

This town is no longer mine
It's fucked with me for the last time
How I wish that I could see your face

When the sky is streaked with plumes
Know that it's my signature
Upon this wretched fucking city

Mailbox Arson
My sweet revenge

I'll strike a match and burn away-
Every tie that binds me to this place

When the smoke clears
You can consider us even

(Your mail's not safe in this town)

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