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Artist :Barenaked Ladies
Album :Barenaked for the Holidays
Title :


I followed footprints in the snow
Never knowing if I was right behind you
Looking down no one would know
I wasn't walking hand in hand beside you.

For your footprints lead the way
To a hearth where hearts we made surround you
You're awash in all its glow
And I'm still standing in the snow.

I stood and watched the lights go out
While the snowflakes settled all around me
And though it filled my heart with doubt
Couldn't move and this is where you found me.

As our footprints disappear
Snow erasing how I came to be here
I've got nowhere else to go
Now you're standing in the snow.

Look for understanding in the snow
You look just outstanding in the snow
Standing in the snow.


Now it's almost Christmas Eve
And I'm surrounded with the sound of laughter
To give is better than to deceive
For I received a happy ever after.

You might have left me in the cold
A fitting ending for the fool that I was
But you'd be cuddled up alone
And I'd still be standing in the snow.

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