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Artist :Arab Strap
Album :Ten Years of Tears
Title :


So I'm free again this summer cos you're playing with a plumberwith his own place and a car. I don't careI'm gonna be a pop star. Well he can take you for a ride and he can buy you gifts and flowers. I'm sure he's got a nicer body then me and maybe he can go for hours and hours. But I wonder where you and him might be when you see me on the cover of the NME. After sell-out tours and a string of hits And I'm snorting cocaine off a supermodel's tits. My life is going my way. I saw you in the pub today. And you look so ugly now. Since you turned into a shallow disco cow. You're no longer my gilded shackle. So I don't have to listen to your hideous cackle. I couldn't give a toss what you do. And by the wayhave you found out I was two-timing you?

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