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Artist :Arab Strap
Album :Ten Years of Tears
Title :

Rocket Take Your Turn

Have a look in the fridge and see what he's got. Get in the bath and I'll tell you the lot. We're grown menwe should be respectable. But to fuck with thatlets make a spectacle. Keep climbingyou'll see everything. Twice round the blockit's ok say anything. We hide in toiletswe hide in a corner. But it's not over yetso someone please warn her. I could try anything when I feel like this. With part-time friends that I could never miss. Spill the gossipyou know it's always topical. From where we sit tonight the city's tropical. Works begunthe taxi's late. I should feel like a hippy but all I feel is hate. Let them say what they wantthey could never make it stick. 'Cause everyone takes a turn at being a dick.

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