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Artist :Alison Krauss & Union Station
Album :New Favorite
Title :


Stood out in the rain.
Let it soak me down
Before I called you...
I called you.

You did not see me there
Hidden by the dark
Beneath your window
But I saw you.

When putting on a face for the mirror on the wall.
Dreaming that the looking glass is you.
Catching my fondest gazes;
Living through my fickle phases.
I love you.

Spend my time on 'phones
Tryin' just to talk
But you didn't answer...
You let it ring.

Spend my nights alone
Catching fallin' stars
To give to youlove.
They're just for you.

Stars fall every time a lover has to face the truth.
And far too many stars have fell on me.
And as they trail the skies
And burn their paths upon my eyes
I cry.

And it's getting easiereach dayto weep about you.
Harderevery nightto sleep without you.
How many years must I be
Driven by this dream of love with you?

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