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Artist :Adina Howard
Album :The Second Coming
Title :

It's Not over

[Adina intro]
How did it go down?
How did you touch her?

sitin' there drinking that hipnotic(yeah)
screaming what have i done to youi should of knew your girl cheef for beefin'
she made some points to tell you every thing i do now
you don't want to hear me out (hear me out)
you all drunk and and wanna get loud (oh yeah)
that night i was in that same condition when it all went down

did you love her?
Did you fu*k her?
don't make me say it babe
did you rub her
needs to show her
that's how i do
were you sober
that hinny had me gone
i'm sayin' did you use the rubber
you know i put it on
can't you see you love her
yeah thats my stuff
baby it's over

Boy you pushin'
you know i got to get you back
thought it would be cool
but it don't work like that
boy you got me mad enough to kill you
got me heated and right now i'm not feelin' you
wait a minute
you know you don't mean what you sayin'
yes i do
who the hell do you think you plain' with
since you said that hinny had you trippin'
let the door hit you where she kissed you

[chorus 2]
I don't love her
that is what your sayin' babe
i just fu*ked her
then why did you do it babe
bend over
knees to shoulder
you know it's what i like babe

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