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Artist :Adina Howard
Album :The Second Coming
Title :

Let's Roll

You say you can love me better
If only I just let youshow me
Things I never seen before
You say you can fill my cup
Screaming with just one touch
Your nameall over this room baby ohhhhhh

Let's rollI'll give you a chance to give it to me
Ten inches deepdeep inside of memake my body over flow
Let's rollyou promised to do what you said
The way im coming in my bedslowlyharderfaster

Im gonna slip my panties off
I hope your man enough to get me off
Victoria has no secrets tonight
Just you and me sexing all night
(I've never seen something so beautiful baby)
Give it to melike you promised
(dont hold back at all)


No more talking shitmake me slap my hipsman up
Back to frontshow me whats upyou know what I want yeah
You like to cuddle upnow give me someon my knees
In between my creamten inches deep yeah

[Chorus out]

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